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the sweetness of the darkness urges me to hurry to live


In the footsteps of the hero's journey, Nachi Weiss traverses all possible pathways with creative power, keen observation and the ability to be reborn in order to crack something and find connection, harmony and devotion. He moves with full passion between all parts of his personality, from still water to flaming fire, determined at all times to reconstruct anew, never letting go of the muse and creation.

The collection before you offers a glimpse into transformative periods within Nachi’s artistic and philosophical development, moving through stops on discovered and undiscovered journeys and inspiring episodes within his unique world. He was born in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, grew up in Mea She’arim and left the institution of the ultra-orthodox community to go wandering in his favourite European countries and discover the person missing inside.


Weiss's journey is emblematic of the inner world of youth of our time, especially those who grew up in closed communities and set out to discover more about themselves, God and nature. The more we dive into his world, the more intrigue draws us further in and even those who are not personally familiar with his ultra-Orthodox-Israeli-European heritage cannot miss the signs and wonders in his manuscripts. They enquire into God, contemplation, love, temporality and the deep aspirations and motives of the seeker, whilst confronting struggling, longing, questions of identity and faith and a constant movement into the realms of creation and love.


Sweet Darkness Part I 2022 is an exceptional work linguistically, stylistically and thematically and focuses on selected poems and photographed journeys. The six chapters include historical roots, cultural influences and the imprint of the writer's soul, who draws inspiration from the characters and phenomena in his life and creates an integration amongst the worlds. Between the lines, Weiss reminds his readers of the need to tear down old versions of themselves to live powerfully - “Dedicated to the breakers of the first tablet to rebuild the second stronger.” He shines a spotlight on the necessity of listening inwardly in the dark times to create transformation and reveals that our strength and unique statement to the world lies precisely in that part of us that we don't believe.


This volume celebrates the first fruits of a creative partnership between Jerusalemite Nachi Weiss, creator and writer, and American Rico Hayes, a modestly brilliant documentarian and story catcher who accompanied Weiss with a camera and recording device between the years 2017-2021. Throughout the book, Hayes follows as the young creator moves between the holy and profane, between Jerusalem scenes and distant cultures, between routine and surprise. Weiss treats each moment as defining, creates emotion and beauty from each episode and reawakens the heart, with a kiss, or a stab. As Weiss presents manuscripts and travel notes, Hayes offers them an echo with his photographs and together they illuminate the visible with new light and give meaning to that which is hidden.

ריקו היאז והמצלמה עם וייס. גרמניה, 2020


Some biographical notes

Nachi Weiss, born in 1988 in Jerusalem, is a writer, musician, artist and a descendant of rabbis, judges, leaders, merchants and Holocaust survivors. Weiss performs with a guitar, sings and narrates his journeys. He has produced photographic exhibitions, won poetry competitions and local prizes and his work has been published in various magazines in Israel and abroad. Weiss is a graduate of the Israel Center for Political Training and the International College of Public Diplomacy in Tel Aviv. In the past, he studied philosophy and film, was an activist in social movements in Israel, completed communications studies at 'Maariv', wrote for the Israeli press and served as an editor, media consultant and spokesperson in the Knesset and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. Today, alongside his artistic pursuits, Weiss promotes initiatives for cosmopolitan Judaism and social rights.


Rico Orlando Hayes is a photographer, musician, cultural researcher and creative editor, born in 1980 in Maryland, USA. Hayes holds a degree in philosophy and religion from the University of Maryland. In recent years, he has been traveling and filming commercial and documentary campaigns around the world.


Itamar Handelman-Smith, the editor of the book, is a writer, journalist and cultural figure, born in 1976 in Eilat, Israel. Handelman was a weekly columnist and served as a writer and editor in the Israeli press 'Maariv', 'Globes' and 'Haaretz' under the pen name Itamar Ben Canaan. He has written seven books and translated a book of poems by Charles Bukowski.


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​A chronicle of Nachi Weiss journeys between 2013-2021. Celebrates the first volume Sweet Darkness 2022 - 390 pages through the photographs of Rico Hayes and the art of Nachi Weiss.



לפרטים ויצירת קשר בישראל:

Collector: Rico O. Hayes

ניהול שיווק באירופה: Maxim Thoan

ניהול אמנותי בישראל: ינון אהרונסון, ספרי ניב

ניהול מכירות בעברית: שירה הפקות, רם אבן

ניהול אתר ודפי נחיתה: דור לוי

שיווק בישראל: - grow

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